About Us

EduTechAid is the brainchild of Valrie Grant, founder of GeoTechVision and a location technology specialist on a mission to bring technology to the underserved and underrepresented. In 2019 GeoTechVision launched the Student Digital Citizenship Program because she believes that all students should have access to digital tools and be able to use technology responsibly. EduTechAid is an extension of that initiative amidst the crisis caused by the COVID-19 where schools are closed and students are forced to learn remotely but many do not have the technology tools needed to learn.

EduTechAid provides a means to support students and families (across the Caribbean and USA) in their ability to transition to online learning in this time of uncertainty and adoption. The initiative is 2-fold as we are taking requests for technology from partners, teachers, organizations, individuals, etc. and we are taking donations to allow us to get tablets and laptops in the hands of students and families that need it.

We believe it is important to shine a light on the inequality and close the digital divide especially in this time when school and social connections have shifted online. Children and families that do not have the technology to stay connected are disadvantaged. This is a grassroots initiative which is helping to close the equity gap.

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